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Savings at your Fingertips

The future is digital. Imagine using your mobile device as your Wine Travel Card, imagine exploring all our destinations, imagine planning the perfect wine tour with our interactive wine map -- imagine no more! The future is now.

Finger Lakes Riesling Grape

Digital Wine Card

With a touch of the finger you can now enjoy all of our wine card savings at 80+ destinations.

No card to remember, no need for mailing, no need for paper/plastics. We have gone green! We are doing our small part to being environmentally responsible and reducing our footprint.

So how does this work? Once you purchase your membership (choose from a 2 week or 12 month) your digital card is immediately active!

With your precise location turned on, our app knows when you are at one of our destinations and up pops the winery offer to redeem! At checkout, allow the winery to click redeem and the savings are yours! Simple and easy.

Earn Prizes

Once you become an upgraded member you can have some fun by checking-in* at any of our destinations.

Win free wine swag! Once you have enough check-ins you will earn prizes such as logo printed t-shirts and passport holders! Winning is fun.

Visit the MORE tab on our app to see our prizes and plan which level you want win!

Cheers to that.

*No purchase is necessary to check-in

Wine Map

People love our interactive wine map. Here's what one reviewer said:

Great Map Function: "I love being able to see the wineries grouped on the map. Very easy for planning a day with multiple visits!"

Find the perfect spot! Imagine you are looking for a winery with a lake view, that specializes in red wine, and allows dogs. You can with our all-new filter function.

Plan the route, explore the destinations, see the discounts and find the wineries that meet your exact needs!

Download our iPhone app, purchase your digital card and start your wine and drink adventure. Our Android app will be soon be available as well(within 2-3 weeks). We hope you enjoy using your digital Wine Travel Card. Cheers!

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