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The Finger Lakes Wine & Travel Card App

  • Free & Buy One / Get One Tastings

  • Bottle Discounts

  • Maps, Winery Profiles & more!

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How it Works
1. Download the app (free)
2. Upgrade and become a member to access discounts. 
3. Present the app at partner locations and enjoy the offers!
The app includes an interactive map, directions, winery profiles, and more.

Download the App:
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Frequently Asked Questions about the App

What is the difference between the app and the physical Wine & Travel Card? 

Both the card and the app (with the paid membership) give access to the exact same offers at our partners.  It's just a different way of "redeeming". 

What features are on the app other than the special offers?

The app offers a map of the Finger Lakes, directions and distances,  winery & brewery profiles along with ideas for "experiences" and things to do. 

What Discounts & offers are available?

You can see the more than 50 offers here (or on the app!)

Can I use the app without paying to become a member?

Yes, but you will not be able to access any of the special offers. 

I bought a physical card - can I use the app? 

If you bought a card you can use the app, but you will redeem offers only on your card. 

Get the app now and save!

1) Download the app

2) Easily upgrade from inside the app to access offers and discounts ($24).

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