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Plan the Perfect Wine Tour

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

There is no better way to learn about what is wine than a day exploring the local wineries on a wine tour. Here are my MUST HAVE tips for how to get the most out of your next trip.

Finger Lakes Wine Tour

Tip #1 Plan the Day

What area are you going to visit? Seneca Lake or Keuka Lake? I recommend staying within a small defined area (i.e. Hector or Lodi) to maximize your time and enjoyment. Also, make a list of the wineries that you want to visit and plan them in geographic order. MAKE SURE TO BOOK A RESERVATION generally for groups of 8 or more and one month prior.

Tip #2 Visit no More than Four Wineries

Take your time, ask questions, savor the wine! Make sure to take notes. There is no need to rush from place to place, so sit back and enjoy. It's always a good idea to pair your tasting with local artisan cheeses, chocolate or a charcuterie board -- see what options they have at the tasting room. Expert Tip: Pack a nice picnic lunch to enjoy with a bottle purchased at the tasting room. Be sure to buy your favorite wines for enjoyment later at home.

Finger Lakes Wine Tour
Tip #3 Sample and Drink in Moderation

With each wine tasting, you will consume about a glass of wine. So over the course of a day you may consume a bottle of wine from just a few stops. Expert Tip: Share a tasting, use the spit bucket for wines that don't please your palate, stay hydrated with water and always drink responsibly.

Tip #4 Expand your Palate

Try new wines! For instance, if you are a sweet wine drinker, try some dry crisp acidic wines. If you lean toward white wines, then try some light bodied reds. The only way to expand your palate is to sample wines that you are not accustom to. Why drink the same old, same old, challenge your palate and see what happens.

Now let's get wine touring! Go out and enjoy a day exploring the local wineries, with that special someone, family or friends. There are so many new wineries to discover.

Bring along the Wine Travel Card, it will save you money on your tasting and bottle purchases along the way. Salute!

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