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Explore Seneca Lake

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

As the most popular of the Finger Lake wine regions, Seneca Lake has seen tremendous growth in numbers of wineries, visitors and accolades. Since Glenora Wine Cellars first opened its doors in 1977, we have witnessed the emergence of a world-class producing region.

East or West Side?

There are currently 67 wineries located within the Seneca Lake region with equal numbers on each side of the lake.

Geneva to Watkins Glen spans about 36 miles where you'll find wineries scattered all along the western side of the lake. A perfect starting point is Lake Street Station Winery in Geneva while Castel Grisch Winery will be the last winery you encounter just before Watkins Glen. Wineries, plus a few beer and spirit producers are constant and easily found along scenic Route 14 on the west side of the lake.

On the eastern side, you'll find the NY 96a triangle which includes Three Brothers Winery, Ventosa Vineyards and Zugibe Vineyards, just a couple of miles from Geneva. From there, it's almost a 20 mile gap until you reach the Lodi-Hector area located along NY 414. You'll travel down past the old Seneca Army Depot, until you finally reach Idol Ridge Winery & Alder Creek Distillery. Once there, you will find an immense concentration of wine, beer and spirit producers to explore!

Expert Tip: Due to its size and length, stay within a defined area of the lake when touring. In example choose between the NW, SW, NE or SE area of the lake to visit and tour.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Research wineries in the region by using Google Maps

  2. Make a list of possible destinations to visit

  3. Visit websites to become familiar with products, back stories and more

  4. Finalize a list of possible stops (and if needed, reservations are needed)

  5. Go visit!

Here's a list of some of our DON"T MISS places along Seneca Lake...

Most Amazing Tasting Room: Magnus Ridge Winery

A Hidden Gem: Barnstormer Winery

Off the Beaten Path: Tabora Farm and Winery

Perfect Spot for a Wedding: Zugibe Vineyards

Two For One Stop: Damiani Wine Cellars and it's neighbor Finger Lakes Distilling

Best Place to Stop for Lunch: FLX Wienery

Best Brewery Stop: Climbing Bines Hop Farm

Best Distillery Stop: Finger Lakes Distilling

With so many wineries, you could spend an entire week exploring the Seneca Lake wine region and still not hit them all. So go visit some new destinations, explore the wineries and enjoy! Seneca Lake is waiting...

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