Wine Travel Card 

Enjoy amazing discounts at 50+ Finger Lakes wine, beer and drink destinations! Plus 30 more across New York State.

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Each 2020 printed card is valid  until December 31st, 2020, orders ship next day, please allow 2-4 mailing days for delivery and prior sales excluded

Just a few of the 80+ Discounts:


Lakeshore Winery - Two free wine tastings + 15% off wine bottle purchase


Climbing Bines Hop Farm - Receive a free printed pint glass with beer tasting


Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard - Save 10% off wine bottle purchase


Hector Wine Company - Two free wine tastings + 10% off wine bottle purchase


Treleaven Wines - One free wine or beer tasting + 10% off a 3+ wine bottle purchase


Hunt Country Vineyards - One free basic wine tasting + $5 off a $40+ bottle purchase


Point of the Bluff Vineyards -  One free wine tasting + 20% off a 2+ bottle purchase


Lock 32 Brewing - Buy one pint, receive a 2nd pint free