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Muranda Cheese Company

Muranda Cheese Company


Cayuga Lake


3075 New York 96



The Muranda Cheese Company produces all natural, raw cheeses using only milk from Registered Holsteins raised on site in Waterloo, N.Y. Our cheeses are all aged, cut and wrapped right here at the Muranda Cheese Company. We are meticulous in the care of our cows. We pamper them, raise them without growth hormone and keep them in the clean, healthy type of environment that we all want to live and work in. Visitors to our farm often comment that it doesn't smell like a farm. This is because we know the character of the environment in which cows are raised is the character of the milk they produce. Simply put, we know that the time we spend on taking care of our cows translates into great cheese. From these cows, we produce some of the highest quality milk in the nation from some of the highest quality cows - the only milk that goes into Muranda Cheese.

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