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Keuka Lake

As the Y-shaped lake, Keuka Lake is home to Hammondsport, landlocked salmon, flows both north and south and translates into 'Canoe Landing'. The dramatic elevation changes and southern facing vineyards provide abundant sun and drainage for some amazing wines. Come explore...
Point of the Bluff Vineyards
10489 Co Rt 76, Hammondsport
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One free wine tasting + 20% off a 2+ wine bottle purchase
Domaine LeSeurre Winery
13920 NY 54, Hammondsport
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Save 5% off wine bottle purchase
(may be combined)
Weis Vineyards
10014 Day Rd, Hammondsport
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Save 10% off a 3+ wine bottle
Hunt Country Vineyards
4021 Italy Hill Rd, Branchport
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One free basic wine tasting + $5
 off a $40+ wine bottle purchase
Heron Hill Winery
9301 Cnty Rd 76, Hammondsport
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Save 15% off a 3+ wine bottle purchase
Bully Hill Vineyards
8843 Greyton Taylor Dr, Hammondsport
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One free cellar wine tasting
Keuka Spring Vineyards
243 NY 54, Penn Yan
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Save $5 off a $40+ wine bottle
Rooster Hill Vineyards
489 NY 54, Penn Yan
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Save 5% off a 3+ wine bottle purchase

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