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How it Works

A Finger Lakes Wine & Travel Card membership gives the user access to more than 50 exclusive offers across the Finger Lakes. Some offers are for "buy one / get one" tastings (which can be used once) and other offers give the member 10% off bottle purchases throughout the year. 

All members use the app to redeem, and you can activate your membership with a card you've been given or by joining directly in the app. 

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Get Started


1) Get the App 

  • Download the app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android)

2) Upgrade to Become a Wine & Travel Card Member

  • Option 1: You can pay directly through the app with a credit card or paypal. Just $29 for a 12 month membership. 

  • Option 2 (best for gifting): Purchase a membership card on the site to be mailed to you (or your recipient). Then use the unique code on the card to activate your membership in the Wine & Travel Card app.


3) Plan Your Trip, Visit, Sip and Save Hundreds of Dollars!

Use the App to see exclusive offers, discover new destinations and plan your trip.

When you visit a partner destination, show them your App Membership and redeem your offer.

  • Buy one / get one tastings (save $8 - $15 each!)

  • Bottle discounts (10% - 20%)

  • Discounts for wine tours, museums and more!

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Get the App Now - Discover New Destinations & Save

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Sending a Gift? Have a Membership Sent to Them

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does the Card Save?

Most tastings in the Finger Lakes range from $8-$15 - and membership currently includes more than 15 buy one / get one offers. Those alone are give you more than $200 in savings & means that the card will pay for itself in just 2 or 3 stops Then add in the 50+ bottle discounts (usually 10 % savings +) plus other savings and you have hundreds of dollars in savings!

Where can I View the Offers?

You can view the offers currently available right here on our site, or you can download the app.  Check back for updates before your visit as sometimes offers are added or changed.

Are there any blackout dates? 


If I buy a card to be mailed - when will it arrive?

The cards are shipped within 1 business day - and usually take 2-3 days to arrive after that. If you need it faster, just download the app & activate your membership with a credit card or paypal.   

How long is a membership valid for?

Membership is valid for 12 months from when you activate.

  • If you have a physical card with an activation code, the 12 months starts when you activate in the app. 

  • If you don't have a physical card and are paying directly through the app, membership starts when you pay.  

There are two of us - do we need one card or two cards? 

You can go either way.  Many of the offers are  "buy one / get one"  (where one card can work for two people). And with bottle discounts, you generally only need one card. 

What is new with the card for 2024?

There are even more advantages of being a member - here are just a few:

1) Great New Offers - New locations and more experiences - more buy one / get one offers than last year plus from discounts on wine tours, at museums and on fishing charters. 


2) A Focus on the App to Discover Offers & Plan Your Visit - Members will now redeem all offers using the app. If you have a physical card, it will have a unique activation code that you use to activate your membership from within the app. 

I have a limo full of my crazy friends  - can we use the card? 

If you are planning to get drunk and have a crazy time, please do not purchase the card.  Groups like this are not allowed in many locations, and our partners reserve the right to refuse offers to anyone. 

How long will it take to receive my card? 

If you purchase on the website, orders are put into the mail the same or next day. Please allow 3-7 mailing days to receive it via US Postal Service. For instant purchase, download the app an upgrade directly through the app.

How do the offers get redeemed?

When you are at a partner destination, a redeem button with offer details will appear on the app. Show your phone to an employee and redeem the offer on the phone. 


I have a physical card, how do I use it? 

Starting in 2023, physical cards each have a unique code that you use to activate your membership on the app. You do not present the card itself at partner destinations.

Can the App be used by non-members?

Yes, anyone can use all features of the app, but only members can access discounts. You can become a member directly through the app.   

I am a member but the redeem button isn't appearing in the app.

The redeem button appears when:

  • You are a member you &

  • You are at a destination (it requires location services to be enabled on the app).

If you are having trouble, please confirm location is enabled for the Wine & Travel Card app.

I lost my card - can I get a new one? 

Sorry, cards cannot be replaced once shipped and received.

Can I get a refund? 

If you purchased the card during the 2023 Holiday season, we can provide a refund to the purchaser before 1/15/2024 so long as:

  • You have the card in hand

  • It has not been activated in the app. 

Contact us here with your details.

I have another question...

Please reach out to us here if you have any questions.

View Terms/Conditions and our Privacy Policy.​


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