How it Works

1) Pick Your Card Type -  a physical card or digital (app)


Both have the same offers, the difference is simply how you purchase and redeem them. 

To purchase a Digital Membership, download the free Wine & Travel Card App to your iPhone or Android device. Then choose to "upgrade" for immediate access 50+ digital offers, travel tips & more!

2) Review the Offers & Plan Your Trip

Check out the offers here on the site, or on the app - and plan your trip! 

3) Visit, Enjoy & Save!

Visit the destinations and enjoy your offers. If you are using a one time offer, that offer on your card (or app) will be marked as redeemed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is new with the card for 2022?

There are a lot of upgrades to the card - here are just two:

1) Great New Offers - We are finalizing the new offers as we speak, but you can expect new locations and more experiences - from discounts on wine tours and fishing charters to other unique experiences.


2) An Upgraded Gift Presentation - cards now come with a gift card holder and envelope that make the card an even more impressive gift. 

Do I need one card or two cards? 

You can go either way. There are free tastings on the card, but there are even more "buy one get one" offers. And with bottle discounts, you generally only need one card. 

Where can I view the offers available on the card?

You can view the offers currently available right here. The final list for 2022 will be completed shortly.

How do the offers get redeemed?

When you are at a destination, present your card to receive the offer.  If it is a "one time use" offer,  they will mark / punch a number on the back of the physical card that corresponds to that particular offer. On the app, they will redeem the offer digitally so it can't be used again. 

How long will it take to receive my card? 

Orders are put into the mail the same or next day. Please allow 3-7 mailing days to receive it via US Postal Service.


I have a physical card, can I use the app too?

You can still use the the app to access the guides and destination profiles (in fact we recommend it), but you must present your physical card to redeem the offers. A physical card does not give you upgraded access for the app.

Are there any blackout dates with the offers? 

There are no blackout dates for any offers currently on the card. 

Can I get a refund? 

Refunds will be given until 1/15/22 for any 2022 cards purchased before 12/31/2021. Otherwise, due to the nature of the card, all sales are final, and prior sales are excluded from new discounts.

I have a giant limo full of my crazy friends visiting wineries - can we use the card? 

If you are visiting the Finger Lakes to get drunk and have a crazy time, please do not purchase the card.  Groups like this are not allowed in many locations, and our partners reserve the right to refuse offers to anyone. 

Can I switch my card to an app upgrade?

If you have received a physical card as a holiday gift, you may exchange it for a digital app membership before January 31st 2022. Send us an email to make this exchange.


Can I use the app if I don't buy a card? 

You can use the app, however you need to pay to upgrade your app membership in order to access any discounts. 

I lost/can't find my card? 

Sorry cards can not be replaced once shipped and received.

I have another question...

Please reach out to us here if you have any questions.

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