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    Finger Lakes, Niagara & Lake Erie Regions

Finger Lakes

We have an amazing assortment of wineries from other areas within the Finger Lakes. The lake terrain of the Finger Lakes creates a unique location to create superb wines. Presently, we are one of the top Riesling regions in the world, alongside Alsace and Mosel. Come explore...
Deer Run Winery
3772 W. Lake Rd, Geneseo
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JD Wine Cellars
1339 Eddy Rd, Macedon
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Eagle Crest Vineyards
7102 Vineyard Rd, Conesus
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Young Sommer Winery
4287 Jersey Rd, Williamson
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Thorpe Vineyards
8150 Chimney Heights Blvd, Wolcott
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